COVID-19 In Amy's Car

Meet Amy from Mililani

Amy called us up and with a free 15-minute consultation and decided she wanted to go ahead with an interior treatment of her car for COVID-19. The thought of potentially picking up COVID-19 at the office, grocery store, or bank and bringing it home to her parents (64 and 65) and grandparents (87 and 90) was not a consequence she was willing to live with.

"I was grateful. Purity Disinfect responded that day and within 24 hours they came out and met me at my office. So easy!"

While Amy is still very careful about wearing a mask, sanitization, and keeping her exposure to tabletops and doorknobs to a minimum, she's extremely relieved that her car is sterilized and breathe a sigh of relief. Amy already has her next cleaning booked to keep not just coronaviruses, but also the flu at bay to avoid spreading it to her family.

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