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See our complete list of budget-friendly services below or give us a call for a free consultation to find out which treatment is best for you.

Office & Home

Feel safe in your home and at work knowing that all environmental surfaces have been properly disinfected.


Don't allow viruses to enter your home while driving between home, work, restaurants, and gatherings.

Outdoor Facilities

Disinfecting outdoor facilities such as tables, benches, and jungle gyms will offer everyone peace of mind.

Treat & Repeat

Stay vigilant by opting into our Treat & Repeat package. Pick your frequency and schedule and leave the rest to us.

Single Treatment

Have your home, vehicle or work space completely disinfected so you can begin the next day on an clean slate.


Coming soon! Order our EPA-approved cleaning chemicals and protection gear on our online store.

Common Facilities We Treat





Locker rooms





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