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Add 90-Day Continuous Protection

The prices above are based on disinfection services only. Please call us for a quote for continuous 90-day protection. By creating a strong chemical bond with our antimicrobial formula, once applied, it positively charges the surface which attracts the negatively charged microbes such as germs and bacteria. This forms a protective barrier across the treated surfaces which breaks apart the harmful microorganisms that come into contact with it. This process will provide residual protections for months at a time.

We Use Electrostatic Spray Disinfection Methods

Disinfection via electrostatic spray is the industry standard for killing COVID-19 and other infectious diseases on surface areas.


  • Electrostatic spray is an extremely effective method of disinfecting when compared to traditional techniques such as the conventional "spray-and-swipe" method.
  • As the disinfectant passes through the nozzle, the electrostatic spray positively charges the solution and forces the droplets to become significantly smaller (40 microns). This allows the spray to become very, very fine and completely coat a variety of surfaces.
  • Most surfaces around us are negatively charged. The positively-charged solution is naturally attracted to nearby surfaces so that there's less chance of it falling to the ground or not landing on the aimed surface.
  • The fine mist and positively-charged solution allows for more surface area to be treated. This includes hard-to-reach areas, and softer materials such as cloth or leather.
  • No wiping is required, which prevents the possibility of cross contamination by moving germs and viruses from one area to another.
  • The electrostatic spray and our solutions are safe to use around sensitive surfaces such as upholstery, electronics, wood, and metals.
  • Eco-friendly, EPA-approved, FDA-approved, human-safe, pet-safe.

pandemic stress

Worrying About COVID-19 Contamination?

Avoid spreading infectious diseases like coronaviruses to coworkers and loved ones. Learn more about our Treat & Repeat plan for a scheduled cleaning.

A positive reaction

Tested Positive For The Coronavirus?

We'll decontaminate what you have touched so that you can continue to live your life without fear once quarantine is over.

Controlled treatment

Trained To Treat Viruses And Bacteria.

Our team of highly-trained specialists follow a detailed plan of attack when it comes to disinfection. With coordinated teamwork, we'll eliminate your risk.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

We trust in our skilled cleanup professionals and EPA-approved chemicals. If you feel our customer service isn't up to par, you'll get all your money back, no questions asked.

Our Services


Our disinfection services cover viruses, bacteria, fungi, and other infectious diseases that are harmful to human immune systems.

Office & Home

Feel safe in your home and at work knowing that all environmental surfaces have been properly disinfected.


Don't allow viruses to enter your home while driving between home, work, restaurants, and gatherings.

Outdoor Facilities

Disinfecting outdoor facilities such as tables, benches, and jungle gyms will offer everyone peace of mind.

Treat & Repeat

Stay vigilant by opting into our Treat & Repeat package. Pick your frequency and schedule and leave the rest to us.

Single Treatment

Have your home, vehicle or work space completely disinfected so you can begin the next day on an clean slate.


Coming soon! Order our EPA-approved cleaning chemicals and protection gear on our online store.

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Our Latest Stories

Learn from real Purity Disinfect customers about their experience with our disinfection services.

COVID-19 In Amy's Car

Amy called us up and with a free 15-minute consultation and decided she wanted to go ahead with an interior treatment of her car for COVID-19. The thought of potentially picking up COVID


Treat And Repeat For Chris' Office

Between stay-at-home orders, Chris wanted his small crew of retail staff to feel safe when they came to work. By scheduling Purity Disinfect's Treat & Repeat service every 90 days, Chris was able to


Single Treatment At Michael's House

By having a single treatment done at his house, Michael and his wife who are in their 50s could feel comfortable knowing their house was sterilized and clean. From there they were careful to disinfect


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